More Team,
less ego

Awesome results come from close cooperation, common ambitions and mutual respect. Aside of our friendship we are connected by our complemantary skills and the same standards when it comes to design. Working with one of us is good, but working with the three of us is energylevel 3000.

Anka Pacha

→ Art Director
→ Co-Founder
→ Coach

Anka cobines her concept- and brandingskills with focused empathy and strategic optimism.

With an eye for the details, she keeps the other one on the big whole and finds ways where are none with the third.

Felix Steinhaus

→ Art Director
→ Co-Founder

Felix is our generalist and hopeless design-romantic. He is on fire, when its about pushing forward good projects through good design.

Without fearing the blank page, but with a weakness for meaningful projects and aesthetics.

Benjamin Schützke

→ Art Director Digital
→ Frontend-Development

Benni is one of a very rare species, that is capable of designing and transforming design into code at the same time. The digital ace in our sleeve.

On top of that, he is always optimizing our cappuccinos until reaching taste level 3000. As with our websites.

it's Monday

it's Monday

Felix working
dog relaxing in the office
carpet at studio 3000
compliment boxes

Get up, start new, take off: On mondays we build the foundation for the upcoming week, make plans, have breakfast, tell some weekend stories and then start undamped and confident into the world of our projects.

Thanks to easy structures we don't waste time with long meetings but use them to exchange ideas and to reflect our work together.

breakfast at our workation
Benni and Anka at our workation
Anka und Paulsen

What we
believe in

01Good design is based on good intentions

02Solutions come through change

03The best fundament
is trust

04Traditions can be changed

05Design should be value-orientated

06Caring is cool

07We respect our environment

08We are passionate about reliability

09We are brave for tomorrow